100 Blessings a Day- Meander back Monday…

Working on my Forgiveness Workshop last week, I was reminded how overlapping concepts enhance things. So I went back to a writing I did in November of 2008 about Gratitude.

With the exception of #11, this list an stand. And with minor modification, 11 can stay. Let’s make #11 read… Being a part of a couple very much love!

So here were my thoughts in 2008, that still stand, despite the miles travelled and lessons learned along the way.

“In a few hours, I’m delivering a talk entitled “Thank You, Thank You Very Much” at a Sunday night service that I regularly participate in at The Coptic Center in Grand Rapids. The focus of this talk is obviously gratitude, and leading up to Thanksgiving week, it seems appropriate.

We live in a world that feels pretty upside down and uncertain at this moment, but I believe that before long the dust will begin to settle, we’ll hopefully have learned some large and small lessons about how we brought about this mess, so we may steer a different course that leads to a different outcome.

Despite the disarray that’s evident in our world, there is MUCH to be Thankful for, EVERY DAY.

I recently heard a sermon by Rev. Larry Farris who was a guest preacher at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Grand Rapids. Larry told the story of a guest lecturer when he was in seminary, a Rabbi who challenged the group to give thanks EVERY DAY for 100 BLESSINGS. He said that if you couldn’t come up with 100 every day, it was likely you weren’t playing quite enough attention.

Part of my talk today will include the concept of giving THANKS for 100 Blessings a Day. SO I thought I’d share 50 of mine from today in case it might cause you to think about how blessed you are.. and maybe be a catalyst for a new or renewed commitment to thankfulness in your life.

50 Blessings I’m Thankful For Today

  1. A beautiful sunrise, a beautiful sunset
  2. A good night’s sleep
  3. Strong coffee in the morning
  4. My family
  5. The love and support of dear friends
  6. The long beautiful fall we’ve enjoyed
  7. The magnificent beauty of winter to come
  8. My limitless Universal supply
  9. The sight of young couples in love
  10. The sight of old couples in love
  11. The promise of someday me being part of a couple in love
  12. For Beethoven’s 9th
  13. For Mozart’s Requiem
  14. For laughter
  15. For tears
  16. For the emotional excavation that large life course changes bring
  17. For excruciating decisions that lead to great outcomes
  18. A baby’s smile
  19. An elder’s wisdom
  20. For abundant synchronicities
  21. A daughter who makes my heart swell in pride & my eyes well up in love
  22. A son who is following his passion and has been a great role model for me
  23. Uplifting books
  24. A well mixed vodka martini
  25. The view from my patio
  26. The angels in our path who show us the way
  27. Crosby Stills Nash and Young
  28. Broadway’s “Rent”
  29. Singing at the top of my lungs going down the road
  30. Movies that make me laugh
  31. Movies that make me cry
  32. Butterflies
  33. Hummingbirds
  34. Hawks
  35. AHA moments
  36. Lake Michigan
  37. The joy of spending time in my own head
  38. The energy of this place
  39. Each of YOU!
  40. Insights
  41. Heartaches
  42. Heartbreaks
  43. Radiant good health
  44. Meditation
  45. Inspiring words of the Masters
  46. ….of Sages
  47. ….of Friends
  48. Grilled Salmon
  49. A peaceful heart
  50. Being able to share my thoughts and beliefs with you.
  51. There. I have spotted you 50- you come up with your 50- to make the 100.

There is certainly room in my life for more blessings, more business, more friends. But I believe that if I’m focused on the amazingly long list of blessings that I already have, I pave the way for more to slide on in easily.
Written 6/23/14


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