Audio Blog- The Road Ahead

I located some of the written material that is mentioned in the recording above.

Written in Mazatlan Mexico 7 or so years ago.

“Like so many days in the past 4-years, today promises to be remarkable.  I suspect that I will realize as the sun sets into the Pacific- that even if I don’t leave this lounge chair today (which is highly likely), that I will have travelled a remarkable distance. Even if nothing seemingly important transpires today, ti will have been a remarkable day.”

So among the many parts of my interesting journey, I’ve come to the realization of how I’ve ‘settled’, how I have limited myself and my outcomes- and the daily reminders that in the 2nd 1/2 of my life, it is critical that I remain totally open to the miracles that are readily available to me.

I have developed over many decades, an image of myself that is so very limited- so very diminished, so very unworthy.  Part of my current work is to SMASH that inaccurate mirror (think fun-house mirror that reflects the opposite of what you really are).  And then to install a new mirror that is accurate- is also unwilling to allow me to see things that are not there.  A mirror that will say “Oh wait Eric, you need to look deeper- you need to take off your old lenses that misinterpret and distort what you see!”

Look at yourself with a charitable eye.  There is no upside to approaching your image with a machete!”


So as I continue to travel the Road to Happyville, I’m beginning to realize that the destination I once thought was far away, down difficult paths, that required skill tests, jousting and perhaps even a sword fight or two is actually within me, and guess what?  It always has been.  Talk about a mind blowing concept!  That at every moment of every day of my life, I could have chosen to look inside and despite whatever situation I thought I was in, regardless of the pain, anger, disappointment, frustration I perceived, it was all an illusion of my own creation and had I reached in and flipped the switch, the tracks would have shifted and I would have seen Happyville as the illusion vanished.

I don’t believe that this means that it was unnecessary for me to have the experience of the aforementioned illusions-clearly without those illusions, I may never have come to my realization about my interior Happyville.

Is Happyville really something entirely different?  Is it really a peaceful place where I am in the presence of the indwelling Creator?  I think that it is.

So what an interesting turn of events this is. Going from happiness as a concept external to my being, through happiness as a part of my core- that is always with me- always accessible no matter what, and ultimately on to the realization of that which I formerly defined in such limited human terms is now a part of me.  The Universal Intelligence. The Creator.  Source. Wow, does that change my perception of who I am, who you are and how the world works.

So if Happyville is an inside place, if it really is Creator, have I known this on some level and ignored it? Or have I just now processed through enough to see where the road signs pointed?

What are the implications of knowing that Happyville/Creator are within?  What does that suggest relative to health? To prosperity?  To love?  At first glance, it appears to suggest that the talk of ‘no limits’ of ‘ye are all Gods’ isn’t just hyperbole- it appears that those could be the law of the land in Happyville.

Then I think about all I’ve read that in many different ways challenge me to find my happiness within- to go within to find peace- that meditation is the key… and now I see all of those as directional signs, but because they were written in a language I did not speak, I wasn’t able to get full advantage from them then.”

Click Here to listen to the talk


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