“Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone.” ~ Robert Allen author of “The One Minute Millionaire”

Like any business, it’s important for me to grow my network.  To expand my base and to make sure that more and more people become aware of the work that I do, and the results my clients are achieving with my help.

So when my friend and business partner, Dr. Dave Hillis showed me the e-mail from Jo-Anne Eadie the head of the Canadian Hypnotherapy Conference in Toronto later in 2016 I was both excited and uncomfortable.

You see, she was seeking people who were interested in making 1-hour presentations about their work at the Conference.  The deadline was fast approaching, which is probably a good thing because didn’t have time to talk myself out of submitting a proposal.

I didn’t have time to question what I could possibly bring to the table for other professional hypnotherapists that could help them to be more impactful in the work they do.  No time to let my comfort zone rein me in and keep me hidden.

So, I submitted my proposal and was promptly accepted.  With months to go to fine tune my presentation, Dr. Dave and I talked about doing a joint, 2-hour presentation and let Jo-Anne know that if she needed additional sessions, we’d be happy to do that.

Holy Toledo (or perhaps I should say Holy Toronto!) , she said yes!

Concepts are swirling, images are flowing, and I’m laying out materials, powerpoint type presentation, deciding what materials I should take, and collaborating with Dr. Dave on training schedules that we want to announce while we are there to sign up people for some of the advanced training we are doing, and the new things we’re almost ready to roll out.

The slight stress of my venture out of my normal comfort zone had subsided, when another e-mail came in from Jo-Anne offering the opportunity to do a 1-hour interview with Suzie Bowers from HypnoProfessional.com. They have an online radio show The Hypno Power Hour, and Suzie had generously offered to use her program to reach her audience to help promote the Conference.

Suzie made the interview process easy and even fun.  And now, she’s got almost all the interviews ready for prime time and will be e-mailing them out to her subscribers in the weeks to come.  (If you’d like to receive them, you can sign up at the link for Hypno Power Hour above).

After my interview is run, I’ll get an MP3 copy of it that I’ll be able to post on my website.

So as I type this, I’m asking myself, a lot of questions.  Chief among them is the WHY? question.  Why am I sharing all this in my blog.

There are several answers.   I am committed to do what I can to help draw people to the Conference.  Additionally, because Suzie was so generous with her time and audience, I want to spread the word about her website and the work that she does.  But likely more than anything, this blog is about telling stories with the hope that something I’ve experienced and chosen to share will strike a chord with someone who is reading the material to challenge them to step through their self-imposed boundaries that might be keeping them from a richer, juicier enjoyment of life.

Lord knows, I’ve got a lot of rules.  I expect a lot of myself, and of the people in my life.  Sometimes I wonder if my expectations are realistic, and then I remember that Norman Vincent Peale quote;

“Shoot for the moon.
Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

What are the areas where you have limited yourself unnecessarily?  Are there walls you’ve built that it might be time to tear down?  I’d love to hear about your plans, your goals, your successes, and if you would like to have a conversation about any of it, I’d welcome that opportunity as well.


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