The beginning, tales from the journey on The Road to Happyville

Today as I drove to the office, I finished listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer’s most recent book “I Can See Clearly Now!”

I’ve been a fan of Dr. Dyer for decades!  Sometime in the 70’s, I saw him speak in Bay City Michigan.  The pastor of the church I attended at that time was nearly a twin to Dr. Dyer, and was selected to do the introduction.  I was so impressed to see him in person, and to hear what he had to say.


As I began my listening to this most recent work, I had at several points, thoughts of resistance pop into my head.  Critical thoughts about his writing or verbal delivery.  So as I’m prone to do, I took some time to consider the basis of those thoughts.  Who were they really about?  What did they mean? Where were they serving me, if at all? Why were they surfacing? How could I get past them to receive whatever was in the material that would be helpful to me at this time?

The realization crept in that my resistance really had nothing to do with Dr. Dyer, or the materials he recorded.  It was, as so many things are, an inside job.  Me allowing my ego? Doubt? Fear? To keep me from being in the moment, to keep me from granting myself the grace to RECEIVE what is being presented to me.

So on that basis, I hit the play button again and heard a totally different book than I would have, if I would have stayed in that resistance burdened mind, or perhaps worse yet, had foolishly made the decision that there was nothing of value to be heard.

That thought makes me wonder if I might want to revisit some books and recordings I’ve set aside over the years to see if my own self-imposed limitations have kept me from RECEIVING, DIGESTING and INTEGRATING thoughts and concepts that I may not have been ready for then, but could benefit from now.

The theme of the month appears to be ALLOWING!  It’s not a new theme, and if I had to guess, it’s come back for another round because in the past, I’ve not excelled in that area.  It seems like that could be the way it works.  People, thoughts, challenges get presented to give us an opportunity to reach higher, to grow in awareness, perhaps to leave counterproductive behaviors and choices behind.  If we get where we want to be/need to be, we move along to whatever is next.  If we do not, just like in school, we get to repeat the lesson over and over… with greater consequences for non-completion.

As if to make it perfectly clear to me that ALLOWING is the deal right now, I have a set of art cubes that were gifted to me a number of years ago.  The friend who created them, placed words, phrases and art work that she knew had specific meaning and connection to me.  Each of the six cubes is different, but because she and I had talked extensively about my struggle with ALLOWING…each of the cubes have one face that simply says ALLOW.

Each day, I roll the cubes like dice and arrange what I find on my desk.  Multiple times in the last week ALLOW was the only word or phrase visible.  The other 5 cubes just had images without words. This MIGHT mean something.

Even as I write this, I realize that even the act of carving out a block of time to put words to paper, is a step in allowing that I’ve not honored before.  My focus and attention are completely on this writing, and that feels a bit foreign, yet really good.

So with an awareness of NOW of being in each moment, of ALLOWING myself to not need to direct everything that is going on in the world (while at the same time realizing that the world has turned wonderfully well without my hands on the controls for many centuries), I intend to let go, to allow, to listen and honor what I see, hear and feel.

Stay tuned for updates on what I find in my life.  I seem to gain some clarity in taking time to write things down, and I hope that in some manner, for anyone who reads what I write, there is something of value for you on the page.




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