A Mexican Moment of Clarity 2009

Another writing, pulled from the archives. This from a solo trip as an almost divorced man in 2009 to Mazatlan Mexico.

So sitting in the sand, I gave thanks- for all the love and support I’d been given all the time that had been provided, all the insights that had been shared.  Insights that propelled me down my path to this beautiful and peaceful place.

It was quite a moment!

As I walked back to my resort, I was calf deep in the Pacific.  Feeling that with each wave, I was washed and purified, but more than that, I was refreshed, replenished and renewed.

You see, there was room now, without all the stored up pain, anger, bitterness and fear gone, for new energy, love, light and joy to move into those spaces.  I visualized the power of the ocean washing me clean and filling me completely.

It’s been over a week since this epiphany and I can say honestly that the glow I feel is growing, the joy I recognize in my life is great, and answers to some of my nagging questions have floated in.

Life is, as my friend Jim Campbell says; “Better and Better.”

Now back to 2016:

As I excavate through old journals, it’s interesting for me to read about what I was thinking, experiencing, learning over those years.

For me, there are good reminders of how rich and juicy life can be when I allow it.

While I don’t want to go back and experience much of what happened then, I’m grateful that all of it did happen… which doesn’t suggest that I did not choose every bit of it, I was not a bystander to the process, I created it… walked through it… survived it…learned from it.  There are reminders of things I’ve allowed myself to forget or to stop doing.

So just as I’m reminded of some truths that were revealed about me and about my life, it is my hope that something in these words that I share, will support what you are doing, will provide a little light for your journey.

It’s good for me to look back, if only to see how far I’ve come.  It’s a huge reminder of how incredibly fortunate I am, and how grateful I am  for the life I currently enjoy.



Written 7/29/2016


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