From the Archives 12/5/2010… And so we begin

The essence of this book is to help the initiate to know and believe, to trust and to grow in their connection to Spirit.

Each of us comes into a physical life with a wonderful group of angelic attendants who watch over us, who know the ‘big picture’ and contracts that are in play for our lives.

What most don’t realize- or more accurately, don’t remember, is that you really planned and scripted every event, every character in your life.

That can be a head scratching concept when you experience what you perceive as ‘pain’ or ‘sadness’.  When in reality, each act, each outcome is a gift, a reflection of your creators perfect love, and belief in you as a Divine Being.

For you to get to the point where you recognize this as truth, and to be able to look closely, without bias, at each player and act, to see why you wrote it the way you did, to realize that the players who present you with pain do so, at your request to help you achieve some outcome you want changes everything.

In my life, I recently discovered that there was a person, who lifetime after lifetime loved me enough to agree to be a person who stabbed me in the back, leaving all sorts of knives, daggers and axes behind as reminders, as burrs under my saddle to get me to look for the lesson.

It turns out, the multiple lifetime process was designed to get me to claim my full power as a Divine being.  To get me where I shed the collection of weapons that were in my body and accept a spirit of thankfulness that this person loved me enough to do this difficult work.

It was interesting to see how the nature of that relationship changed as the weapons were removed, and the gratitude was expressed.  The relationship now feels as if the reason we were in each other’s lives has been satisfied and it feels very likely that we now go on our separate directions, but without regret, without anger, but with a spirit of gratitude and thanksgiving.

The experience with this person has been a catalyst for re-examining the basis of other relationships to see how the ‘new’ perspective may shed light on what has appeared as dark or broken.

I am finding that in almost every case, there is good reason to shift from disappointment or anger to gratitude,  grace and thanksgiving. 

How powerful is that? To realize that every player in my life is delivered to me important information and wonderful teachings. To know that if I recognize them as such will help me live as the best, true to my purpose self I can be.

Being thankful for the gifts they bring feels much better than what I previously felt.

So in the long run, to step out of the need to be right, to win, to control, serves each person beautifully.

If instead, I can dwell in a state of peace and grace, looking for lessons in all I find, looking at every other energy I meet as being part of Source for my journey will be blessed.

Many times we miss obvious but gentle messages because they are so subtle, so the Universe has to double back with a stronger hand to get our attention. But when you live from your heart and spend time each day away from the distractions that interrupt your real life, you will find that quiet place, that peaceful place where you have a direct perfect connection to Source and therefore your truth.

That space will become so comfortable for you, so nurturing that you will want to spend more and more time there, and eventually will find your way to live in that state at all times- as you go about attending to the details in your life.

For me, the evidence that I was spending at least some of my time there, was confirmed by a good number of people in my external life who without any prompting, commented on my apparent peacefulness, my radiant glow, how good they always felt when in my presence.

It makes me wonder if, as more and more people approach their peacefulness if we will see evidence in the world of spreading peacefulness.

That will be a huge blessing!

I accuse myself of spending entirely too much time in my head, over thinking things. But I am finding the reality to be something different from that.

I do evaluate, contemplate and replay various aspects of my life, but now it feels more like I’m making certain that I always am in alignment.  I will recognize it quickly when only a slight adjustment is needed to re-align.



While I’m revisting my old journals, it’s proving to be a really good reminder of some of the roads I’ve travelled, some of the lessons I’ve learned and maybe most importantly, the tools and meditations that I’ve discovered along the way.

Those were some wild days.  Not necessarily in the fun, crazy acting behavior wild… but with large and small changes in every aspect of my life.

I did discover that for me, it became a time to examine my internal and external world.  To clean out my garage, my storage areas, my closet, my heart, my mind, my relationships.

In all those areas there can be things that cannot make the rest of the journey, and for the good of everyone involved, honoring the completion of that relationship is what has to happen.


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