Drawing a line…. exercises in exorcising the self-limiting ghosts of the past

Fall of 2011, I was doing a lot of self-awareness and self-improvement work.  My meditation life was robust and regular. Sometimes it involved writing the insights and assignments that were a result of the meditative conversations that took place.

It was a time of deep introspection, mid-life evaluation, deep healing and forgiveness of self and others (see the earlier post about Transformational Forgiveness).

There had been a marriage of nearly 30-years that I ended, and a couple of subsequent relationships that helped to move me closer to being ready for my current life and marriage to Beth.

On a fall day in 2011, my focus was making sure that any loose ends from my life to date and from past relationships were cleaned up to the point where I would not be dragging old baggage and brokenness as I moved forward.

So I asked to be shown a way to effectively draw a line and leave the past in the past, to feel love and gratitude for each person who had played a guest appearance or long running character in my life.

I was shown that it was incredibly easy.  The instructions were to draw a line to demark the present moment, then to feel myself stepping beyond that line with no need  or desire to look back.

Then with each player in the scenes that came before to individually sit down and have a soul-to-soul conversation.

In this conversation the goal was to kindly and gently, express my gratitude for the part they played in my life, but also to say anything and everything that I needed them to know to complete the conversation with each person.

The conversations allowed me to come back across the line into the present, without dragging old things into the present.

I remember the shift I felt as that old baggage was left behind the line.  The lightness, the joyfulness, the peace.

My understanding and belief is that even though these conversations take place on a soul-to-soul level, and that no audible words are spoken, the conversation partner receives the messages that I deliver.  Like any conversation, it can certainly be interactive, so it’s good to go carefully and pay attention to any feedback that is given.

It is important to remember that it really does not matter what they do or don’t do upon the completion of YOUR work.  This is an exercise that is 100% about you.  So be joyful in your accomplishment!  Allow yourself to FEEL, really feel what you felt, the peace you feel and celebrate the honest way that you shared.

Fall of 2016- 5-years seems like a good time for me to take a little time, and revisit this exercise that was so very helpful to me in 2011.

Like so many things I’ve seen and done in my personal and business life, this is one of those tools that worked so very well that I quit using it.

I’m grateful to the process of writing this blog, that things that I’ve known, worked with, had success with are resurfacing in a new time and space to allow me to take a look, to self assess if it would be helpful to put them back to work.

This one, without even going through an formal process of evaluation is going to come off the bench and go back into active duty in my life.

I hope that it plays a role in some of the lives of people who are reading.


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