If it doesn’t fit…. get rid of that S***.

From my many decades as a Realtor, I know that stuff grows to fill the available space. From my even more years as a human, I know that what is accepted becomes the normal and sometimes if reasonable boundaries are not set and maintained, even than normal can slide into areas that are not actually tolerable.

So far this fall, there’s been a fairly active purge going on in several areas of my life.  At the farm, we invited a junk man to come haul away (literally) a ton or more of old equipment that had been busily rusting on the sidelines for too long.  Our weekly trash container is being topped off with items that are trash that had been accumulating here and there.  We began (and continue) a process of appropriately eliminating a seeming lifetime collection of old paint cans.

There were multiple trips to our favorite charity store and if I had to guess there will be several more.

At my office, I’m going through overstuffed storage closets and file cabinets and bit by bit am eliminating lots of things that don’t need to enter a new year in my possession.

Today I  dropped off some Real Estate videos to a friend at the Company where I keep my real estate license.  As I exited the building, I had ‘a moment’.  It dawned on me that for a wide variety of reasons, it was no longer the space that I was excited to join, and to spend time in.  It served as a confirmation of the rightness of decisions I made almost a year ago, and the changes I’m working on in how I spend the hours of my day.

The level of discomfort I felt, even walking into the space and doing what I needed to do was powerful.  Not  a feeling I’ll seek out often.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still some wonderful, amazing, hard-working, deeply caring people there.  It’s just not where I now want or need to be.  That’s some remarkable clarity right there, especially because for almost 28-years, I have defined myself primarily by the work I did in that (or other, similar) environments.

As I was driving back across town to my Lifestyle Engineer office, I was thinking about what I had felt, thinking about the cause, doing a bit of compare and contrast and asking myself some additional questions.

Questions that will have me extending the process of evaluation, of adjusting priorities, of designing the next stages of my business and my life.  A part of that process also necessarily involves looking at all the ancillary aspects of all of that to see if there are anchors that I’m dragging along, if I’m holding beliefs that are not serving me well, and if so, eliminating them.

It’s not the first time I’ve done a process of getting very clear and very committed to picking up each piece and determining what is and is not a good fit.  What serves my highest good and what does not.  Then lifting up and prioritizing what fits and what moves me forward (and also what moves forward with me) and placing on a shelf or eliminating anything and everything that sucks up energy without adding something of value.

As I clear the clutter from my closet, my files, storage areas, garage, computers,  my mind and my life, I know that the flow of energy improves significantly with each step of the process.  As the things that no longer serve a meaningful purpose fade from view, there is energy and room to create a different outcome.

What better time than approaching the end of the year to clear the decks, and to make certain that when the new year dawns, I’m travelling light, ready for the adventures I’ve envisioned… and then to make work of creating the outcomes I desire.

Join me?



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