Getting into the flow by letting go of the oars…

From the archives, written originally on September 2, 2009.

I was fairly freshly single after 30 years of marriage and in the process of defining/re-defining what the 2nd 1/2 of this lifetime looked like.

This was a writing that came from a session of working in my Akashic Record.  (visit my website, for a history and description of Akashic Records)

In any case, where a section is labeled ESW, that is where I am asking a question.  The sections labeled MTL are the responses from the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones answering via The Akashic Record.

ESW~ If I write here that I release the need I’ve had for massive control for minute details of how… do you take the oars?
MTL~ Yes
ESW~ Then I bless and release the details of my life into Divine Hands.
I trust that what is in my heart’s fondest desires is delivered to me.
I believe that my role is to envision the big picture & walk peacefully & joyfully into my life.
My stress level drops like a rock.
My self-doubt and self loathing fall away as erroneous illusions, that are no longer needed.
I live in the moment- am beautiful, healthy and strong.
Abundance that until now seemed beyond my grasp arrives daily in Divine Order.
I am peaceful, joyful, loving and whole. I express these gifts of God fully and completely.
And so it is.


ESW~ I’ve declared my intention to drop the oars- to turn the management and details over to Spirit, and yet I find myself living more in my head than I would like. 1st is my perception of that running some interference real? 2nd- how do I practice and master turning off my brain and being totally in the moment?
MTL~ You ask great questions. Yes- if you were totally in the moment- the thoughts and beliefs that take you out of the moment- and seemingly keep you from TOTALLY experiencing the moment would not exist. To get there takes practice.
1st- know that you are always completely protected. So you don’t need to be so wary. Know that no ulterior motives exist- and you are totally safe- in all things. Focus on love, focus on feeling. State an intention of being. NOT DOING. Focus on how joyful you can become in every situation.
Eric, there is no one who can or even wants to harm you in any way. And really, even if they did, it cannot happen.
As you take time for the important aspects of your life, the mundane details are handled.

I came to understand that my tendency, which appears to be pretty common with people, was to jump into my canoe, point it upstream and then to paddle like crazy, against the current.  To then get frustrated when I made little or no forward progress.

I was told that everything I want or need is actually downstream, and if I turned the canoe around, put down the paddle, got in the flow, the current would take me where I wanted to go.

Seems pretty simple.  So I did that, and found it to be a less tiring and frustrating way to go.

This ongoing excavation of the old journals is rewarding for me.  On one hand, it’s a map of the journey and the progress I’ve made  in various areas.  But I’m finding meditations, stories, tools that were powerfully helpful to me at the time.  Things that worked so well I quit using them.  That now, I can circle back to, for my own use, and to put the ideas out in this blog, or as recordings in the Free Tools area of my website, or as handouts to clients and class attendees.

In the light of all the seeming division and controversy in our world and country at the present moment, it is more of a challenge than normal for me to not paddle upstream.  So each day, I take a series of deep breaths.  I attempt (sometimes successfully) to focus on the things that are truly important to me, to support what is good and right, to gently, without throwing gas on the fire, to add my voice, constructively in opposition to the many things that are being suggested that would take us in a very wrong direction.


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