Audio Blog: Recorded Segments from Answered Prayers by Julia Cameron.

Answered Prayers: Love Letters from the Divine by Julia Cameron is one of my very favorite books.

As the title implies, it is suggested that the reader approach each of the segments as a personal letter to them from God.

I’ve used this book in classes, workshops, speaking engagements and even at weddings and funerals were I’ve been the officiant.

In February of 2016, I started the process of recording some of the sections of the book.  I had no idea why I wanted to do this project. I also had no idea if or how I would ever use the recordings.

Interestingly, there have been a lot of times where a conversation provided a nudge that one recording or another, might be helpful to the person, so I’ve shared it.

I have no idea if I’m breaking any sort of laws by making and sharing the recordings.  But I give full credit to the author for creating the work, I am not intending to make any money off these recording, so I’m thinking that I’m ok.

Below are links for the three recordings that deal with death and loss.  They are the recordings I have shared most often, with people I know who have experienced some  sort of great loss in their lives.

Click Here to be taken to a page on my website where the recordings are waiting for you.


I hope you enjoy them.





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