A hell of a day/week/month

Once again, today was a day with more questions than answers.  About my life, about (some) people who have been or are in my life.  About my value to myself and others.  About whether my desire to be decent and kind and honest has actually turned me into a patsy or a schmuck.

While no real answers tapped me on the shoulder, as is often the case, I have reconfirmed a couple of things I’ve known for a very long time.

For me, there’s no upside to being a jerk, even in the presence of some who appear to be one.

That I’m not the best judge of how I’m doing.  Or perhaps more accurately the impact I have on the world around me.

As has been the case other years, two months in Florida at the very least, approaches too long.  The nervous tick appears due to too much inactivity, even though I love the ocean, love having some one-on-one time with my wife with a minimum of distractions, the warm temperatures, and the people.

This year though, I was able to stay a bit busier.  Several new clients, the formation of a new Hypnosis Training Company and the start of plans to market training and to present training made the time away a bit easier.

But I realized tonight as I looked out over the turbulent Atlantic, that I have some positions in my life that I want to fill.  Because much of my time is working alone, or with a single client at a time, there’s a bit of a social interaction void.  So I’m vowing to schedule more luncheons, more meet ups for a cocktail and cigar types of things with friends.

Let me know if you’d like to get on the schedule. 🙂

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