Where has the time gone??!!?!?!? Some reflections as I start my 65th birthday week.




3 thoughts on “Where has the time gone??!!?!?!? Some reflections as I start my 65th birthday week.

  1. First of all Eric, happy 65th. Many more to ‘ya! I really enjoyed listening to your every word, and thankful I took the time to do so. It sounded to me like you were sharing a few of your full circle moments. Life has been good to you, or perhaps, you have been good to it. Potatoes/potatoes right?

    I’m going to reach my 63rd year come October. As Jane Fonda would say: “The Third Stage.” Healthy us may actually see 80 or 90+ so having a few more acts up our sleeves is probably going to help us get there successfully.

    However simplicity is in order too, as there’s no pressure like there might have been in our younger days. When I hear older people like ourselves worrying over stuff, I often ask them when they will realize they have nothing to prove anymore, if they ever did. If not now, when will we just breathe?

    I live life like it’s golden, so every morning I arise, plant my feet, and say thank you 3 times + to you know who for all I’ve been blessed with personally, and to share. My day goes swell from there. And if there’s a goof or two, I deal with it, ’cause one thing we should have learned over the years, there’s always a solution. IF not, there’s no problem. Have a Happy Every day. Highest and Best!


    1. Hi Sparkyjen,
      Thanks for reading, and commenting.

      I totally agree, attitude is everything. For me, that is something that is easier one day than the next, but each moment gives us the opportunity to begin again.

      I look forward to clicking through and reading some of your posts.

      I’m guessing that it is insightful, powerful, and fun.


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