Seems like we’re all pretty much the same person…

For the most part though, these same people are absolute warriors.  Despite all that they carry, they are walking forward day-by-day, doing what needs to be done, caring for their children and/or family members, being productive and functioning. Continue reading Seems like we’re all pretty much the same person…


Wasting Away on the Ocean

As if to speak to this situation, a lizard of some kind sort of stopped by. I was typing away, and as I often do, I was looking at my surroundings. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw some movement and looked over to see a foot long lizard step off the curb into the driveway. He did what looked like a couple of pushups and then rolled over on his back, motionless. Continue reading Wasting Away on the Ocean

Getting into the flow by letting go of the oars…

Then I bless and release the details of my life into Divine Hands.
I trust that what is in my heart’s fondest desires is delivered to me.
I believe that my role is to envision the big picture & walk peacefully & joyfully into my life.
My stress level drops like a rock.
My self-doubt and self loathing fall away as erroneous illusions, that are no longer needed.
I live in the moment- am beautiful, healthy and strong.
Abundance that until now seemed beyond my grasp arrives daily in Divine Order.
I am peaceful, joyful, loving and whole. I express these gifts of God fully and completely.
And so it is. Continue reading Getting into the flow by letting go of the oars…

Weary….oh so weary

In a few short weeks, the election will be behind us. Some will be happy with the outcomes, some will not. I wonder though, will we be able to put the genie back in the bottle and attempt to pull together, to act like we’re all in this together regardless of how we worship (or don’t) who we love, what we think. That regardless of the pigment in our skin tones, whether we lean right or left, whether we live in a large city, a small town or in the country.. that WE have to somehow find a way to respect each other, to work together for the common good, to respect each other and to lift each other up. Continue reading Weary….oh so weary